We are a registered Australian charity that advocates for equality for the disadvantaged – working from grassroots, up to state and federal government levels. We are working towards a holistic, longer-term, healthcare approach to management through healthcare providers and community services.

Why See Red?

‘See Red’ in this context is used as a double entendre - seeing red because we’re angry about inequality for those with periods and, of course, for the red colour of menstruation.

We noticed a lack of information and coordination for periods, period equality and women’s/uterus reproductive issues in Australia. No government departments oversee periods or uteruses, and no overarching coordination exists between the people and organisations working within the space.

See Red aims to be an umbrella or a conduit within the space. We want to step into the void and be a ‘one-stop-shop’ to help all Australians understand what work is happening in Australia regarding periods, education, and period poverty however we can.

Founded by Amelia Cartmell, a communications professional with a passion for helping others, See Red launched in February 2023. See Red is supported by people who donate their time and various skills to our cause.

How we’re helping

It takes more than one force to create equality to end shame, stigma and period poverty. To recognise and celebrate the different types of people who do and don’t menstruate, we must embrace and highlight everyone working in the space.

That’s where See Red comes in. We aim to be a central information point for all period healthcare sources and uterus-focused experts, champions, organisations, and charity organisations in Australia. We work together with, fundraise for, and raise awareness of everyone within this space.

What we’re doing is uncharted territory. We don’t have a crystal ball to know what the future holds in terms of what will be needed in the next six months or a few years. But that’s okay, we’re fluid and adaptable to whatever needs to be done. If you have suggestions for how we can help, we’d love to hear from you.


Our mission at See Red is to address the inequalities faced by many Australians due to period-related issues.

We firmly believe that access to quality and equitable care and resources should be a right for all.

Our goal is to help connect people with necessary services and provide comprehensive resources and information to those who need it.



Honouring the gravity of the negative experiences and emotions associated with seeking support for period and uterus issues, which include anger, shame, isolation, and fear.


Honest realistic portrayal of content, and showing complexity in an accessible way.


Showing confidence and pride against shame and taboo.


People and community-focused, ever-evolving, and proactive and reactive to insights from those around us.


Helping people, no matter who they are, navigate a complex landscape and consider accessibility at every point.


Ensuring grants and donations are used ethically and justly. We will always keep the focus of our organisation on mission and report finances as truthfully as possible.

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